Meeting my family for the first time!

This weekend has been the most scariest moment of my life. I went up to Scotland to meet my dad, Step-mum and three younger brothers.

I took the coach to Aberdeen, which took me a total of around 17 hours. It was extremely uncomfortable, there wasn’t much space between the seats especially when you had someone sitting next you. Not only that but it didn’t help that I had been in a car crash that morning, so my body was aching, however that is another story. The journey consisted of me having to get a coach up to Victoria, where I then had to wait for 2 hours at the coach station, then get on another coach that takes me all the way up to Aberdeen, it only consisted of 4 stops throughout the night. 

Once arriving at the coach station my dad picked me up, to take me back to his house, which added another hour onto my journey, it was extremely hard to stay awake. 

Aberdeen is a beautiful place to visit, there is field after fields, undisturbed by construction. The roads are always clear there is never any traffic, everything just flows through easily. 

Once arriving at his house I was introduced to my step-mum and my other brothers. At first I found it quite uncomfortable, as I felt like I didn’t really know them that well. It felt all most as if I was a stranger coming to there home like, I didn’t belong there. However they made me feel really welcome. 

The views from their front room are wonderful, you can see straight out to see! I can only imagine how amazing it is to wake up to views like that everyday! 

The first morning waking up in a different bed was strange to say the least, especially waking up in a bunk bed, I haven’t spelt in a bunk bed since I was nine so it took me back. 

It was amazing meeting my brothers for the first time, they are super hyperactive, they spend all day running around and fighting each other, just boys being boys, so it is hard to keep up with them. The boys really do keep everyone busy, I don’t know how they all do it. I don’t think that I would be able to handle having kids😂. 

Some of the best things about meeting my dad, was getting to know a bit more about him. Also seeing what he is like with my brothers, I did feel a little bit sad seeing how he was with them and how much I have missed out on. It was also brilliant talking about our past and what we have both been through since we have been apart, also my dad explaining why he never got me back, explaining what it was like for me to be left alone.

It was also only good to get to know my step-mum a little bit more, as unfortunately I didn’t really get to know her before they moved up to Scotland. 

Leaving my family and going back home was really hard, I did want  to stay there a bit longer and get to know them a bit more as it didn’t feel like I was there for that long. 

I cant wait to go back up again and spend more time with my family and hopefully do more exploring around Aberdeen and near by cities and villages!

Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

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