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Foster Kid! 

Now I don’t usually like talking about my childhood because I don’t like people to feel sorry for me! However I am going to give you a bit of background information into my life. Nevertheless I will try not too give you too much information as not too bore you! 

Let’s start from the very beginning, explaining what my childhood was actually like, and what a terrible mother my mum was! It would help if I told you we’re used to live. We used to live in Croydon on a council estate, in a three bedroom house. Which some of you might say is luxury! Maybe it is, but I can tell you for certain that it wasn’t a nice area! 
You’ll have to forgive me I don’t know the dates of when things happened, only roughly by ages! I also don’t remember any happy times or anything before the age of 9, where I’m sure most people do!

Something that I found out from my dad who I recently got into contact with, told me that when I was a very little baby my mum used to take me out shopping with her, stealing she would put stuff in my pram! One time she actually got arrested with me. Now what sort of mother does that with her little baby!! 

My real dad and mum always used to argue and fight, they all lived under the same roof with my mums boyfriend Perry. On day when I was 8 they had another argument, my dad and my oldest brother Jack left, leaving me to fed for myself. As you can tell from the following events that’s wasn’t such a good idea.

One morning I was playing around with my half sister Sarah, I must been around 9. I was pretending to cut Sarah’s hair of with a head shaver, it’s wasn’t plugged it. I know stupid, but bearing in mind I was 9 and I wasn’t hurting anyone! My youngest half brother David decided he was going to tell my mother. Running after him with the head shavers in hand, my mum grabbed me and pulled me into then kitchen, plugged them in and actually tried to shave my hair off, I screamed so loud and kept trying to pulling away! Her boyfriend Perry heard me and did nothing, no one helped me, I was left trying to fight her of myself. I managed to get way from her, thankfully my mum hadn’t managed to shave any of my hair off. Running down the street away from my evil mother and that dreadful house, straight into my neighbours house!

Another time, I was eating too loudly and my mother threatened to stab me in the eye with a fork if I didn’t stop, which freaked me out and put me off eating for weeks! 

I was always going walking to the shops by myself and constantly walking down the end of the road to the phone box to call the police, because my mother and Perry were always arguing. Perry would always threaten to kill us or drive a car through the house.

As you can imagine my mum had another baby which wasn’t the brightest idea! One night mum and Perry were arguing outside with the baby, she had chucked the baby at him, crazy I know. Thankfully he caught her though! Not long after the police came and gave the baby the out next door neighbour. In the morning she was gone and we never saw her again!

That same day we went to our mums friends houses because she didn’t want to look after us. That very same night all three of us were picked up by police cars and taken to our foster cares, who I stayed with until I was 18.

Now don’t get me wrong my foster parents were brilliant for taking in three children, they raised us well we did extra classes as we couldn’t read or write! If it wasn’t for them I don’t know what I would have been like now!

However in some ways being with them was almost as if we had never left home. As a foster kid we was always treated differently by our foster patents, they would constantly reminded us that we weren’t their real children, especially by their real kids!

Our foster parents were no better then our real parents, one time when I was around 16, our foster parent hit my brother backside so bad that when he come downstairs to see me and his sister and showed us his bum it was covered in blue and black bruises. I was so shocked I couldn’t believe it, but the thing that I’m most ashamed about is that neither of us said a thing anyone because we were too scared! It wasn’t until I was 18 and I got with Paul and moved into his house, after they kicked me out due to me getting with Paul and starting to make future plans, that I finally found the courage to stand up and tell the social works what they did. Unfortunately even then they didn’t believe me, my brother and sister were made to lie, because they were too scared they never said anything, which meant our foster parents got away it all!

Till this day Sarah left when she was 15, she asked too go to a different foster carer, which too me should have raised red flag to the social works. However unfortunately my little brother David is still with them! Also because of them my brother refuses to talk to me! Till this very day I still haven’t spoken to my brother and sister, which is very disappointing as me and my sister used to be so close!

I hope that by writing this, it will make people aware. Hopefully make them realise that that just because kids have been given to foster parents that appear to be nice and have a lovely home doesn’t mean that they are being treated 100% good!

Thank you for reading my post! Please like and leave a comment below! 🙂

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