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                So it’s the weekend at last! My post is a bit late but I was very busy yesterday!

So last week was really busy with work, I couldn’t wait for it to be Friday! However it being Friday meant that my work colleague/friend was leaving! Which is very upsetting for me as I got on so well with Cassandra, I could talk to her about all my problems and she would give me a kick up the bum when I need it or if I have done something stupid! Cassandra is really bubbly, always happy she manages to put everyone in a good mood, that’s why I know that when she leaves work it definitely wont be the same again! I am going to miss her a lot!

Cassandra is that good of a friend that she even brought me and two other guys who she is close with a present!

 It is a Dove Real beauty Gift set with nourish and pampers your skin! Don’t ask me where it’s from or how much it is because I have no idea, but I will do a review on them later on.

After work everyone from work went to the pub for a drink to say goodbye to Cassandra. At around 7pm I left to meet my best friend Amie. We met up in Westwood cross after me being unfortunately an hour late.

We both went to Ask to have dinner  were I’m pretty sure that we looked like a couple due to the fact that we fed each other😂. I had the most amazing  spaghetti bolognese and chocolate cake and ice cream. Amie had a pizza and tiramisu!

 There was one funny moment when the food came out, and unfortunately Amie didn’t know what a pizza cutter was and how to use it. I mean you can tell she lived a sheltered life😂. After that we the went to the Casino for a drink.

I just had the best night in ages, I don’t think that I have laughed that much in a while, it was lovely to just giggle about random stuff with a glass of wine and your best friend!

Thank you for reading my post I hope you enjoyed it! Have a great day 🙂 


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