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 Glossybox- September 

Finally my September Glossybox Style Edition has arrived! 

 For those of you who don’t know what Glossybox is, it’s a monthly subscription filled with 5 beauty products every month! This is my very first subscription box, I did a lot of research on-line to find the best beauty box and I had heard a lot of good reviews about Glossybox so I picked this one! 

 I must say the box is beautiful, the water colour effect it gorgeous!  I love the fact that it has an information card inside to tell you what each product is! Also inside the box £15 discount for Best secret which is for members only. So lets get on with what I received. 


First up is the Maria Nila Luminous Colour Masque. This pot 250ml so it is a full sized one. I think that the pink design is amazing, not only that but the smell is wonderful! It is meant to nourish, strengthen and protect your hair for both coloured and natural hair types. Which I was very pleased about because even though I haven’t dyed my hair, it is still damaged due to drying and straightening my hair. So I will differently be trying this product out and I will give you guys a review. The product retail’s at £18.95.


Next up we have the Invisibobble. It came as a pack of 3, traceless hair rings in a pearly white colour. Now before I received this I had never heard of Invisibobble before, which left me unsure what they were when I first saw them. They are meant to secure and not leave a kink in your hair.They are also not meant to rub against your scalp. Now I did personally try this and it did hold my hair in a ponytail without leaving a kink, it didn’t feel tight at all. However the only thing that I am apprehensive about is that it will look a bit odd in my brown hair, as I usually wear brown elastic hair ties. This retails at £4.


Now I was thrilled to see this beautiful contour kit from B.Cosmetics in the shade medium. I have never heard of B.Cosmetics. The Sculpted Contour Kit has a contour powder and a cream highlight. I was glad to get this product as being a new starter of make-up I haven’t actually got a contour kit so I will differently be trying this product out. This product retails at £10.40.


Next I was pleased to see a eye-shadow make-up brush, as I don’t currently own any. This Marsk brush is wonderful, it feels really soft and lightweight. It is a wonderful brush to start off with and I’m differently looking forward to trying this out. This is worth £16.20.


Finally something to go alone with the eye-shadow brush. This product is called a Bellapierre Shimmer Powder, it is a pretty shimmery greyish colour. It is a loose pigmented product, so to say the least I am differently scared to try this out for my first eye-shadow. I would differently recommend that you are careful where you open this product as to be sure not to get it everywhere. This is worth £12.99.

Overall I am very pleased with my first Glossybox, it has lots of firsts for me to try, so I will be trying these products soon. It is definitely worth the £10 monthly subscription. I will definitely be getting next months box. Hopefully the next box is just as good!! 

What are your thoughts on this months Glossybox? Let me know in the comments below! 

Thank you for reading my post! 🙂


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