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Seventeen Stay Time Primer…..


Seventeen Stay Time Long Wear Primer:

This was the first ever Primer that I brought, I saw this product on-line and thought it would be really good. Big mistake! 

This primer has light neutral colour which will not blend into your skin at all. It is like glue, even though it feels quite liquidly even it first comes out! However when you are applying it, it dries so quickly that you end up with a very patchy face. When I applied my foundation it made my face so bumpy looking, rather than creating a smooth surface for it to glide over. Not only that but it also made my foundation appear cracked like I was covering really bad skin even though my skin is fairly good. It also makes my skin really dry. I ended having to take all my make-up off and redo it again. 

This product retail at £5.49, but I will definitely not be buying this product again, I differently won’t be recommending this product to anyone any time soon! 

If anyone recommends any good primers for me to try then please leave a comment! 

Thank you for reading my post 🙂 Please let me know your opinions on this product! 


4 thoughts on “Seventeen Stay Time Primer…..

  1. I love the bare minerals primer. I use the BB primer but I have used the original primer as well. Both create a smooth lovely finish. It is a bit expensive tho, but it last for several months so in my opinion it is worth the money. I have tried a few other drug store brands and just have not been happy with any of them. If you have a bare minerals store near you, they do free samples of anything you want to try.

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