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When life knocks you down, just get straight back up…..

At last it’s Friday, which means it’s the weekend for most of you! 

So I booked today off for my driving test. It was at 11.11am, I thought I was pretty confident. I did have a little break down in my hour lesson before when I forget how to do my parallel park, however I did it and was confident that I could do my driving text. I managed to get the strictest examiner out of all of them, she was extremely moody and not very talkative. 

Anyway let’s not beat around the bush, I failed my driving test with two faults and 7 minors. The two faults were missing the sign that said 40mph which I except, however the sign is tiny and hard to miss. The second one that I failed on, which I don’t agree with is that apparently I didn’t follow the round about all the way round to the third exit, I went in a straight line. I personally think it was bs and she was just be really picky!

 I’m not going to lie when we parked the car at the end and she told me I failed I was absolutely gutted, I thought it was the end of the world. I was extremely upset because I was really hoping that I would pass. Unfortunately I did cry, but then who doesn’t. I am extremely hard on myself and set myself really high goals, when I don’t get those goals it is really hard on me! 

However after talking with Paul and Ivy who also didn’t pass first time, I excepted that not everyone passes first time. It was a great learning experience for me, now on my next test I know what to expect. I am just hopefully that I don’t get that same lady! 

My test is in two weeks time, so I just hope that I pass then! 

Thank you for reading my post 🙂 Let me know in the comments how you did on your driving test! 

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