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So I have been thinking about goals that I want to set my self for the near future, as it is always important to set yourself goals/targets. You need to always have something to aim towards, to ensure that you have purpose. I hope to be able to let you guys know when I’ve done these goals that I have set.

                                                                     Pass my driving test                                                                    Now this is something that I have been desperately wanting to achieve, as I have been doing my driving lessons for over 2 years now on and off! I just want the freedom of being able to go any where that I want, without having to rely on anyone.

                                                                          Get my own place!                                                                     Now this is the most important thing that I want to do! Of course it will be with my partner Paul. I feel like even though I am quite an independent person, I haven’t had the chance to be independent as I have gone from living with my foster parents to living with Paul and his parents! So I feel like I haven’t really had the responsibility of having my own bills to worry about, I mean sure I have bills but not bills that you have when you are in your own place.

Travel all 52 states of America
Ok so technically it is 51 states. This is something that I have been wanting to do ever since I went to Florida. Florida was such an amazing place, stunning big and so much to do. Now Iam not naive enough to think that every single state is going to be like that. However I want to go these places to see what their culture is like, but also because there food is to die for!

                                                                              To foster                                                                                          If you have previously read my post on what is your dream the you will already know that this is something that I want to do! I want to foster children of all ages and all backgrounds. As I know what is like to have your whole world turned upside down. I want to show them love and care, and help them grow into fantastic people. I also want to have a family of my own.

                                                                      To have a job that I enjoy                                                                For someone of my age to have as many jobs as I have is unreal, to be fair most have been temp jobs. I want to be able to find a job that I enjoy, where I can stay at for a numerous amount of years without getting bored!

                                                                 Have out first Christmas together                                                  Now this is something that might take a little while, but I want Paul and I to have a Christmas together. Now don’t get me wrong we have had some together. However we haven’t had one Christmas by ourselves without having to worry about anyone else, just being able to do our own thing!

Thank you for reading my post 🙂 Let me know what your goals are in the comments below!

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