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Girlfriend vs Boyfriend 

So Paul and I decided to ask each other a bunch of questions too find out how much we know about each other. We both should know a lot about each other as we both go on about most things all the time! We found this extremely funny while we was doing this, a bit of light entertainment! 😂


What is my middle name? Leigh Yes

How old was I when I was fostered? 9 Yes

How many brothers and sisters do I have? 5-No, it is 7. 

When did I first meet my family in Scotland? August 2015 Yes

How long have I been learning to drive? Two years Yes 

What did I fail my driving test on? Observation and roundabout Yes

What’s my dream car? A1 Yes, now any who knows me will know that this is my absolute dream car!

What my favourite colour? Pink No, it’s weird but I don’t have a favourite colour. 

What date did we first? 07/08/2012 Yes

What is my favourite Tv series? Vampire diaries 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.            
Paul got 8/10, he did brilliantly well! 


 How old was I when I first went on a plane by myself? 4 No, he was 7

What is my football team? Chelsea Yes

What age did I start welding as a career? 18 No, he was 16

How many bristish titles have I got? 7 No, it is 3

How many brothers and sisters have I got? 6 Yes

 Favourite colour? You don’t have one-Yes 

What was my first car? Don’t know!

What was the name of my primary school called? St Geordies No, it was St Gregorys
How many kids do I want? 2 Yes

What is my favourite food? Curry No, Indian

I got 4/10- now I know that’s terrible considering he goes on about most of them all of the time. So you would think that I would know! 😂

I hope you enjoy my post 🙂 Why don’t you guys give it a go, it can be with anyone!

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