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Driving Lesson

What a beautiful day, the suns out there’s a chill in the air. What a perfect Autumn day!

So Friday night I went out with Amie we weren’t even meant to be going out, however we went for one drink. Well you know what 1 drink turns into, we ended up staying out till 1 in the morning which was a big mistake as I had a driving lesson at 11:30am.

Now this was my first driving lesson since I failed my driving test, it was terrible. Now I don’t know if it was because I stayed out really late or because my confidence was knocked. It was almost like I was a first timer I was making silly mistakes not getting in the right gears! I was so disappointed in myself, I know that I can do so much better! The most annoying thing is that I can do all my manoeuvres. It’s just the driving the is letting me down!

I can only hope that I will be ready in time for my test next Saturday! Wish me luck guys!

Thank you for reading! Leigh x0x


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