Wish list #1.. 

IMG_2101So I’ve gone a bit awhile, some of you may know why if you had read my previous posts. However I’m not going to go into that now, I will do another post about how things are going on with me.

So it’s 12 days till Christmas!! I’m super excited, reasons being is because I’m going to Scotland to spend Christmas with my family! So I thought I would do a little wish list of some things that I really want, there is going to many more wish lists to come, as I’m not going to lie I have a long list of stuff that I really want.

Starting off with boohoo, now my list as you can see from the picture was 45 items. As you can guess I shorted it right down! At the moment I’am loving dresses and just party wear in general, reasons being is that I’ve started to go out a lot more! I’m loving the two co-ord sets, I’ve never worn anything like them before.

I’d love to get my mittens on all of these items, but at the moment I don’t earn nearly enough to get these. So guys have a flick through these pictures and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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