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Christmas gifts ☃

Now for those of you like me who haven’t quite got all of their Christmas presents yet, with it only being 9 days till Christmas you’ve most likely run out of time to order presents on-line, unless you do next day delivery! For me its always a mad rush around the shops to get my presents, even more so now that I don’t get paid till the 22nd and I’m going to Scotland on the 21st. Disaster! For those of you who have already done your Christmas shopping and have their presents already wrapped then I applaud you!

However for those who haven’t quite finished, there are a couple of high street shops that do brilliant Christmas gifts! For example I went into Lush the other day, it was like being in heaven, the smells were overwhelming, the staff were just fantastic helping me and showing me all of their products. While being shown around practically the whole shop, I came across a range of gift boxes filled with either bath soaps or shower gels and many other wonder smelling gifts. These gift boxes range at prices from the lowest of £5 to £100 or more depending on your budget and how much your willing to spend. All of them look so cute, they are wrapped brilliantly so if you are male buying gifts for your partner then you don’t even have to bother wrap them as they are done for you! That’s half your job done for you, how good is that! These gifts are just perfect for women, I know that I certainly wouldn’t mind anyone of these gifts but that’s just me! As you can see these are just some of the many gifts that you can get from Lush for Christmas!!

Another cheap and fantastic high street shop that you can get Christmas gifts from is boots. Boots do a fantastic selection of gifts for him and her ranging from make-up products, shower gel sets, dove gift sets which at the moment I am in love with, right down to candles pretty much anything that you could want. Boots are always doing deals such as three for two on many of their Christmas products so that should be a least two people sorted right?

Boots is perfect if you are running out of time or if you are you an extremely tight budget, because like me you’ve spent most of your money on buying make-up or other gifts for yourself! Guilty as charged!


Thank you for reading my post! Let me know in the comments whether or not you have finished your Christmas shopping yet and some good places to get gifts last minute!

xox Leigh


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