Special Events

Christmas do… 

Okay…. So I had my work Christmas do Friday. What can I say it was brilliant day!

First of all a couple of people got picked up from my house LM and LP. The taxi picked us up at 11:30am, taxing us to reeds for 12pm. We had champagne on arrival, which was amazing every time we had even a little sip it was topped up.

For starters I had fish cakes, they were honest to god amazing. I don’t usually like fish. For the main I had pork wasn’t quite sure about the main as the pork was a little bit dry and the roast potatoes were a tab bit too hard. The desert was a collection, now please don’t ask me what they are called because I have no idea. They were amazing though! Like any women the chocolate slice was beautiful! With the free alcohol the whole day I probably had way to much to drink!

However I had a fantastic time, everyone was just really funny and then entertainment was just on another level. The guys decided to wear Christmas boxers and dance to a Christmas song! Now my eyes can not un-see that horror!! I am differently looking forward to Christmas do again next year!!

Salmon Fish Cakes




Reed’s deserts



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