My first Christmas… 

What a wonderful day of the year it is! It’s my Christmas with my family and I loved every minute of it!

Unlike everyone else I’m sure we managed to have a fairly good lay in, which was till 8.00am.

My step-mum VM made us all bacon sandwiches! After that we all opened our presents, HM is 10, BM is 1, and TM is 3, my three younger brothers really opening their first. It was really good to see them opening their present and being so happy!

We spend most of the morning and afternoon playing with their presents. At around 12ish N come over with more presents for everyone, including me which I was surprised about. Okay well not that surprised as some of them I picked out myself. Then of course we had Christmas dinner at 3.00pm, lovely pork and turkey. It was just fabulous I didn’t eat it all because I’m not even joking my plate was filled to the brim!

Finally AW came out with more presents, even some for me. I was definitely spoilt for Christmas!

It was just a fantastic day, apart from what Paul did and made me feel terrible. However for me it wasn’t about the presents, I was just happy to be spending my first Christmas with them!

Oh I also treated myself to three Mac lipsticks, I know I just couldn’t help myself I thought why not treat yourself!

I hope you all had a great day and that you got everything you wanted!!

Leigh xox


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