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4 Tips too Keeping warm…

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that you all have a fantastic day and that you get all the make-up or gifts you want! I know I will and if not I’ll buy them myself! 😃

Okay so a lot of people can afford to have the heating on all the time through the winter, and if you are lucky enough to be able to do that then congratulations. However for those of you who can here are some tips to keeping warm inside.

Hot water bottle:

I love hot bottles, I am always using them even when I am warm. They are just so comforting. You can buy them from any shop such as tesco, ASDA or even boots. Here is one from Argos! Now I’m sure more of you have used them before, however for those of you who haven’t all you have to do it boil the kettle and pure the hot water into the bottle making sure that you squeeze all the air out! I would highly recommend that you get a hot water bottle cover, I don’t use one because I like the direct heat! However you can find these covers from the above stores that I have mentioned!

Hot water bottle

Slipper socks

Another one to help keep warm is slippers socks. They are just so soft to touch and always keep your feet warm unless you get holes in them, which is something I seem to do a lot! You can get them from many shops such as tesco, ASDA, Matalan. However I get mine from Primark at just £1, not only that but they are also great stocking fillers! So make your way down to your nearest Primark store!

Rice pudding:-

I absolutely love rice pudding! I always try and make sure that I stock up on it especially in the winter when it’s so cold and we can’t afford to have the heating on for long! You can get them from most stores anywhere ranging at prices from just £1!


Soup is also another good thing to have in the winter, it was you up right from the inside! I personally love Heinz soup the best and I only ever usually get that! But there are plenty of other cheaper options available. However in most stores such as tesco you can get 4 can for £3.80.

These are just a few things in do to keep warm in the winter however there are many other things that you can do!

Leigh xox


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