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Self improvements… 

img_0101I hope everyone had a great New Years! I definitely did, I went out with a few fiends drinking on NYE and I had a brilliant time. Okay I know this post is really late but I haven’t really had time to just sit down and really think about anything. To be honest my head has been else where these last few weeks.

So I didn’t set myself any new years revolutions, because I don’t see what the point in doing so. You set yourself high goals that you hope to complete or do throughout the year and then you just don’t end up doing them or you start them and give up half way through. However even though I’m not going to be setting any New Years resolutions, I do want to try and work on some of my own issues, I mean issues is very strong, but I would like to improve myself.

Starting with saying what I think more. If I have a problem with someone or they’ve said something that has annoyed me or upset me, I usually tend to not say anything and keep it too myself. Which to be honest is never a good thing because I end up being really awkward with people, 90% of people know when I am being off with them so instead of saying something I just keep my mouth shut. So that is one improvement I am going to make, which is to tell people when I’m pissed off with them or if they have upset me. To ensure that what ever it is, it gets resolved quickly rather then being left.

Another one is to start realising my worth a bit more. I know that sounds so cheesy. However it is so true, I always put myself down all the time. I think so little of myself and I have no self confidence. Even when people say that I look pretty I’m always in my head thinking that they are lying or they’re just saying it to be nice, when really they truly mean. Also to not let people treat me like crap especially guys because I am worth so much more and I deserve the best.

I need to start eating properly. I mean exactly that, I only ever usually eat my breakfast which is normally porridge, then I don’t often eat lunch. 90% of the time I don’t eat a proper dinner, I usually eat either just a sandwich, soup and sometime I just eat Jelly. Not really that good or health to be honest. it also ends up making me feel so run down, when I don’t need to be. So that is something that I want to start this year is eating 3 healthy meal a day.

So these are just the main these that I am going to work on throughout the year. Let me know in the comments below what your resolutions or improvements are for 2016!

Leigh xox 


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