How to give a compliment or encouragement.

Read post, some of this will definitely apply to some people! It had me thinking about myself!

It's a Thought

If I don’t think I’m attractive, calling me attractive will not make me feel attractive.  I assume you are just lying but doing so to make me feel better.  But if you tell me that you think I look attractive in an outfit I like, I will accept it.  Because I looked at myself in the mirror that morning and thought the outfit looked good.  You tied my attractiveness to something I agreed with and so I accepted it.

Also, don’t say things you don’t mean. The more often you do, the more I am going to discount all your future comments to me.

We all do it.  We toss out generic compliments or words of encouragement that we don’t mean because that is what is expected and that is how we make connections.

We do it so persistently that when we do say what we honestly think, no one is really sure…

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