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Okay so I’m really not one for Valentine’s Day! I never liked it, think that it is too cheesy and frankly really overrated! However there is this on guy who seems to really like me and won’t get the hint.

L is in his mid thirties, has a kid and is also Italian not that there is anything wrong with being Italian but he just really isn’t my type! L asked me out for dinner a couple of months ago and I said no that I really didn’t want to get into anything with him. However I just for some reason don’t think he got it.

These flowers arrived at my work on Wednesday afternoon, not sure who delivered them. There was also a card attached!

The only regret I have is that I could not find flowers more beautiful then you.

Now the flowers and the card are lovely but I just think it’s all a bit much really. For one thing being that the flowers look like wedding flowers and another fact is that he has only met me twice, twice that isn’t enough time to start sending stuff like this! Don’t get me wrong it was a lovely thought.

However my question to you guys is. Is what is the best way to let me down and just tell him that I’m not interested without sounding like a total bitch?

Leigh xox


13 thoughts on “Valentine’s

  1. I totally get what feels off here. There is a step past appropriate to the situation and this feels like it. If you have already said no and you have no continued interaction with him, this feels ALMOST creepy. Like its looking over the fence at creepy.

    But you can’t say that because it is obviously a kind gesture – flowers. A beautifully written note. You are supposed to be grateful. It would terribly rude of to be anything but grateful. That’s the societal norm.

    But that is what is almost creepy, isn’t it? Its like he’s manipulating the social norms to get a positive response from you. And let’s face it, those flowers and that note are intimate gestures that should have been attached to some kind of existing romantic relationship.

    And now you have to be the one who breaks the social norm and feels bad about, just to stop any continued attempts. When he should have taken the hint when you turned him down the first time.

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    1. They are lovely flowers don’t get me wrong. And I’m totally grateful! However it is kinda creepy and a bit much! It is definitely something you do when your in a relationship not when you’ve only met her like 3 times and she has already turned you down and said no! Now I’m gonna end up feeling bad and shitty! Not fair really

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      1. Completely not fair. Sorry. I had a very similar situation once and its made me very aware of it.

        You feel bad, because we have all been attracted to someone who didn’t feel the same. And its awful.

        But there is a line about how much you impose your feelings on someone else and some people don’t get that there is a line. And them not getting it is somehow making you a feel like your a bad person. Its CRAZY.

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      2. Don’t get me wrong I totally understand what is like when someone doesn’t have the same feelings that you do! So I totally feel bad for the guy. But some people need to know when to stop.

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  2. I personally would be very honest and just say not for me. If you leave it, then you will end up feeling even more shitty, this way, at least you are being the good guy and not stringing him along. Since he didn’t get the hint the first time, make sure you are direct and use simple words

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