Special Events

1st Valentines

Today was my first valentines being single, without my partner! I’m not going to lie I did feel really sad. To loving someone with everything you have and always being with them.

Then on that one day that you are meant to be with someone expressing your love for them and your not your on your own. It’s just a really really sad feeling!

Today I spent the whole day in bed watching TV, only getting up for food, drink and to use the toilet!

Let me know what you beautiful people did today! Leigh xox


6 thoughts on “1st Valentines

  1. Awww Leigh *hugs* I know this will sound cliche but its all for the best! Maybe its time for us to learn how to love ourselves a bit more before we are ready for a new guy, who will be much better for us and who will give us the respect and love we deserve! Stay strong girl! xx

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  2. I went grocery shopping while my boyfriend gave the cat a bath and then cleaned the bathroom. Then I came back, we put the food away, made some dinner and then just played video games for hours. Nothing too fancy. Unfortunately the cat had a rough day. 🙂


    1. Awwe that’s lovely! It’s really good spending the day with someone you care about even if it’s nothing fancy! Hope the cat is ok! 🙂


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