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Things that guys should know about women….

Now I feel like everything needs to be spelled out to guys because frankly (sorry if I offend anyone) but they are idiots! Simple..

  1. If you ask us what’s wrong and we say nothing… There’s something wrong you need to find out what it is! Don’t just except our first answer because frankly its annoying and 99% we will end up getting pissed off with you because you didn’t find out what was the matter

  2. Don’t just ask us what we want to eat, so it just keeps going back and forth. Just decide for them, 90% women like men that can just decide. However if its rubbish well be prepared to be moaned at 🙂

  3. Texting asking us “what’s up” or “how are you” then not responding to us for hours! Why the hell did you start a conversation then. That means you’re playing a game, or we are over-thinking it but again that’s your fault

  4. Men need to be more honest if your not interested in the girl any-more then tell her instead of stringing her along all the time! We definitely don’t want to be sitting around waiting for you. If you want to see other girls then that’s cool, we will do the same thing

  5. If your not looking for anything serious such as a relationship then don’t fill her head with maybe’s. This way when you decide to end she won’t be upset because you haven’t lied

  6. Sometimes we like to be catered for! Why don’t you cook a lovely meal out of the blue?! We don’t always want to go to a restaurant.

  7. Trying creative sex early in the game. We all have our things that we want to try during sex, but to go straight into the kill so early on is not cool!

  8. Why does everything have to end up in sex? Why can’t you guys just meet a girl for a drink or what ever and that just be it?

  9. Asking for a threesome with our friend! Erm I’m sorry but that is never going to happen! You don’t ever ask that especially if you are newly dating!

  10. Oh and catcalling!! Please do you think that shouting crappy stuff at passing women gets you anywhere? All we think when you do that is that you’re a bloody idiot

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Let me know in the comments what your think! Leigh xox


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