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How I got Colourpop!

Okay so I’m sure everyone by now knows that Colourpop sadly do not ship to the UK. Which frankly is rather annoying especially if you really want their products. However nevertheless thanks to a lot of research on-line I managed to find a way to get the products to my home town.

The method that I managed to find was by using Viabox which is basically a courier service. You sign up using your email address, free of charge and they give you your own US address to get your products delivered to. It is extremely simple process that only takes a matter of seconds to do but that you have forever. You have to make sure that you update your account, putting the address that you want Viadox to forward your products to. Once you have done that you are then ready to make your first order, which I did on the 11th February. When you are at the checkout for colourpop you simply put your US address in and pay.
Then you go to your Viabox account and click on add items, as you can see all you have to do is add the company name, the service provider that you want to deliver your products, the tracking number if you have one which I did not have. Also the date of the order, the products and value of each product. This ensures that they have all the information and what they should be expecting.

My order was then shipped from colourpop on the 17th February after constantly checking my colourpop account. Then finally on 19th I got an email from Viabox informing me that my items had arrived at last! After checking the products and ensuring everything was there my products were finally delivered to my house on 23rd March.

Thankfully they arrived in perfect condition with nothing missing. Overall they are a really good company to use, if you don’t mind waiting over a month for the products then I definitely recommend using this company for products that can’t be shipped to the UK. Not only that but they were also fairly cheap, in total it came to £35 including the products themselves, which I think isn’t that expensive.

Let me know if you have used any forwarding companies and whether they are any good. Leigh xox


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