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Colourpop Review


So I’ve brought so much make-up lately, that after doing new blog post showing you guys what I’ve received in the post. I’m trying  not to cry over how much I have spent this month on make-up. I’m seriously considering going on a spending ban! I forgot to do you lovely people a review on my colourpop lippies that I got a couple of months back now. Therefore I decided that it was probably high time I did one.

ColourPop is everywhere now, all over the blogging/YouTube world, so much I’m sure you’ve all heard of them now. First thing first I brought two ultra matte Liquid lipsticks out of the 47 shades that is available. One shade is Limbo which is a chocolate brown shade with the matching lip pencil in pitch. The second one is lax which is a vampy blackened red shade. I did have the matching lip pencil but I stupidly took it out on a night out and yep you guested it I lost it!IMG_2554[1]

The packaging is your normal average plastic tube, with a silver lip and a silver banner on the tube. The applicator is doe foot. There is no pleasant scent to the product at all. The formula is watery, I mean a bit too watery for me and it also dries really really fast.
ColourPop is definitely an affordability brand with its products ranging at £5. I love that the formula dries completely matte and has a powdery finish, however it is a tiny bit tacky. The two shades were great in terms of pigmentation.
So they are really drying but that’s with every liquid lipstick you use, its no different. If you have dry lips that don’t cope well with matte lipsticks then maybe you should give these a skip or better yet maybe try putting Vaseline over the top. I know really weird but it does definitely help!
 One problem I do have is that both shades weren’t consistent. Limbo applied beautifully I didn’t have a problem with it being patchy at all, I absoulety loved the finished look it was everything I thought it would look like. However Lax was horrible to apply it was really patchy I had to keep layer it to get it to look even. Both products can’t take being layered. Lax started to flack off with in a couple of hours of it being applied, it didn’t last very much after a cup of tea, it started to bleed and fade in the middle of my mouth. Now I don’t know about you guys I definitely don’t like flacked bits in my mouth and coming of my lips! The formula for this product is awful I definitely wouldn’t buy this again. They both definitely don’t last a while 6 hours, iv’e had to reapply both of them a few times a day after eating, I mean its great if you don’t eat in the day but terrible if you do.
For about £5 a pop I’d say why not? I’d definitely recommend purchasing a few to try out but I would be weary of the darker colours. I’m not entirely happy with my two colours but we will see as time goes on. Not only that but there is a lot of transfer with the products throughout the day, which is a tab bit annoying.
What are your thoughts on the ColourPop range? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Leigh xo 


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