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So if you have seen my previous post, along with millions of other peoples posts, then you will know that I managed to get the Kylie LipKit. I ordered the lip kit on the 28th of March which I was my first ever attempt, I know I know so lucky. I never received a shipping confirmation so I wasn’t sure when I would receive it. However I received an email from Royal mail on the 11th April stating that they had my package but I had to pay a fee of £12.50, I was so annoyed about that. Though what can you do about that it’s the custom importing laws and has nothing to do with the company. My Kylie Lipkit took roughly took 2 weeks to get to me. The product in total cost is £31.13 including international shipping which I think is quite a fair price for it, considering Mac Lipstick is roughly £21 and a lip Liner is £12 then you’ve got to add on the shipping.

The packaging is beautiful, the box that the kits are delivered in is white and black with dripping effect all around the box. Inside the box is a mass production card with a message from Kylie, which I think is a nice touch even though it’s nothing special to that individual person! The card also has the dripping lips on the card which is also on the lipkit box. The dripping effect is consistent right through to the packaging and product itself. The lip colour is around the edge of box, on the tip of the lip liner and the lipstick is also in a see through tube, which  is brilliant as it allows you to easily pick what colour you want us! 

On the back of the Kylie lip Kit box it come with a tip from Kylie, which states to apply the lip Liner first, I mean come on like I didn’t know that I had to do that. It’s such a stupid tip it isn’t even worth putting on the box. The matte lipstick and liner has Kylie Jenner’s signature on them. The lipstick comes in a tube, which feels so luxurious. I mean you wouldn’t expect anything less from someone so high profile! 

The formula is brilliant! It drys completely matte after like 30 seconds, however not that quick that you can take your time putting the product on careful. I don’t find it drying at all, in fact I almost forgot that I was even wearing anything. Ok you can feel a little bit but its hardly noticeable

However I do find that the product is a tab bit running. The liner is so so creamy, it apply so smoothly you don’t have to apply any pressure what so ever! Not only that but it sharpers perfectly with a Mac sharpener which if I recall was about £4. The lipstick is super pigmented you only need a very thin layer on of course with the lip liner first. It lasts throughout the day, I have applied it from 7am and it has lasted through till 3pm after several cups of tea and and lunch. It doesn’t even flake or run horrible, it pretty much stays on! It fades slightly on my bottom lip and the corners of my mouth after eating but not a massive amount. I touch up on my bottom lip  just a little bit and that then lasts till 7pm.

The only negatives that I would have for this product is that I think it is a tap bit running and also the stopper in the tube isn’t fantastic it still lets out quite a bit of product. I mean not enough for me to worry however I definitely think that they should put a better one in.

Overall I think the Kylie LipKit is the best Liquid Lipstick that I’ve tried, it doesn’t dry my lips out at all. Not only that but you hardly even notice that your even wearing anything on your lips. Another great thing about it is that it doesn’t transfer whatsoever, I’m not even joking not even a spot, not like my other lipsticks I have. Another reason I think that you should get the product is because if you think about it isn’t that expensive, I mean if you compare it to the likes of Mac. I give this product a 9/10.

Leigh xo



9 thoughts on “Kylie Lipkit review|True Brown K 

  1. This post is so great I love your reviews I might have to go and buy this for myself! I nominated you for a Leibster award in my latest post as I love your blog! https://kellylouisemorgan.wordpress.com/ all you need to do is answer the questions at the bottom that I left and no mite your favourite blogger and link it back to me, I hope you do and can’t wait to read! It’s such a good way to find new blogs!♥️


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