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Arbonne review 


*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own*

So I was contacted by Maimie Yelland on Twitter to try out some skin care products. Now I’m not really a skin care kind of person, I take off my makeup and was my face etc however I don’t cleanse my face. I know I know your properly reading this with a shock on your face. So I jumped at the chance to try these products and give them a good go. I received them within a couple of day, so it was super fast delivery.

What is Arbonne and what it claimed?

Arbonne is a Swiss ultra-premium brand and the products are botanically based, Vegan Certified, pH correct, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist Tested, Certified Gluten-Free, Kosher Certified, Drug Free and Cruelty-Free. We have no hidden nasties in our products.

So my skin type, I know I was so confused. I get oily on my t-zone areas and dry patches on the sides of the nose. When Maimie asked me my skin type, I had to research skin types that is when I determined that it was a combination skin type (oily and dry).

So after Maimie know what skin type I was she knew what products to send me. Which were Arbonne FC5 Purifying Cleanser + Toner (3ml), Arbonne FC5 Oil-Absorbing Day Lotion with SPF 20 (3ml). Not only that but she also emailed me the product pdf brochure for reference which I found extremely helpful. I also received a lovely thank you card and her business card.

I was delighted when I got the package on my doorstep a couple of days later, I couldn’t wait to give them a try. But was surprised to see small size sample tubes inside the envelope. However I just went with the flow and gave them a try.

How I used the products, Arbonne FC5 Purifying Cleanser + Toner (3ml)
on a wet face, I squeezed two pea sized amount of the clear gel formulation on my finger and dotted it around my face and lather.  I found that it wasn’t really soapy/foamy formulation but can easily lather on the face in no sweat! I also found that it has a fresh zingy, zesty, citrusy lemon scent which I totally loved and couldn’t get enough of. It washed off with a breeze hardly any effort at all.  Afterwards my skin felt squeaky clean.

Arbonne FC5 Oil-Absorbing Day Lotion with SPF 20 (3ml), after I pat dry my face I squeezed two pea sized amount of this formulation on my finger and dot it around my face again and massage it on. This product dries up super quickly, it has a very lightweight feel to it. Again, I fell in love with it’s lemon citrusy scent. Skin has a powder silky finish after application.

I may be speaking too soon, but I think I can still do with a few more washes. And yes it is that super formulated), I can see my face looking and feeling matte but not dull and dry all day. It looked fresh! It is non-irritating on the skin and it’s all natural products so all good things! I think this is nifty.

I definitely think that these products are worth a look at! I wish to try the bigger size tube of the cleanser + toner so I could see the effect in a more extensive trial and see if the result remains the same.

This small skin care products are sold in big sizes and prices range from mid to high end. If you want to know more about Arbonne Skin Care products, get in contact with:

Maimie Yelland
Independent Consultant (ID: 441297742)

Thank you for reading my review. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Leigh xo 


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