Day 1|My trip to Lucca

Okay as some of you guys may know I was lucky enough to go to Italy on Wednesday 11th. Amazingly so we only had to pay for the lights, which was only £80. As LB’s gran didn’t want anything. I’m sorry guys I don’t mean to brag about it. I went with my friend BV and her housemate LB who let us stay in his gran’s house! I know how nice was that!  LB’s gram didn’t want anything!

Can I just say that I loooovee airport duty free products! I managed to get Mac’s mascara zoom fast lash! She was such a lovely lady, however it was unfortunate that she couldn’t speak English. However we were lucky enough to have LB who obviously could.

We flew from Stansted airport with Ryanair, the flight took 2 hours so by the time we arrived in Lucca it was 18:00pm. Once we arrived in Pisa airport we were picked up by LB’s friend who drove us to Lucca, which was 30 mins away! Lucca is so beautiful, the views are amazing it’s fully of mountains and greenery! The buildings are quite old looking which is what makes Italy so beautiful!

Once we arrived in Lucca we headed straight to the centre of town, where we had a look in some shops! The shops in Italy open till 8, how cool is that?! After we did some shopping to a local pizza place called Bella inbriana. At first because it was really really quite it think that it must not be that good but as soon as I got my pizza I just had to take it back it was brilliant!! After having a good wonder around we finally made our way back to LB gran’s.

Leigh xo


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