Day 2|My trip to Pisa


Okay guys this is part 2 of my trip to Italy, I know you have all been eagerly waiting for the next part. If you haven’t seen part 1 then Click here to read it.

On Thursday morning the three of us woke up bright and early to make a trip to the nearest train station to get a train at 10:00. We were going to get the earlier train, however BV managed to spill coffee down her top. What is she like? BV decided to go to the toilet to try and get it out forgetting to take her train ticket with her. LB and I didn’t think to check the table as we waited outside for the train, which led to the ticket either being taken or chucked in the bin however I think it was most likely the latter. This incident definitely opened our eyes and made sure that we weren’t so careless with our belongings again. The ticket man did allow her on without a ticket, however not before pocketing 5 euros for himself. I know crazy I couldn’t believe it myself when LB told me. But I guess everyone has got to make a little extra money. 

So after that little drama and 10 euros out of pocket, we were well on our way to Pisa. The journey took a total of 1 hour, which wasn’t as bad as some of you may think. The surroundings were absolutely beautiful, there was so much to look at city after city. Not only that but so many questions to ask.

Once we were off the train we headed straight for of course you guessed it…. the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We had to ask directions from a few people but we finally managed to get there after walking in the rain for 20 minutes.  As to be expected it was ridiculously busy, just like us there was so many tourists trying to get a picture. IMG_2746[1]There was several men with guns standing around the leaning tower. Up until then I hadn’t seen anything like that so it was just a little bit of a shock. BV and me then proceed to take pictures of ourself with the tower, leaning/pushing it. Now can I just say that we spent around 1 hour taking these photos! Crazy right? No one will understand how hard it is to take these photo’s especially when you have people jumping in front of you and standing in your frame, it’s like an art form. It is amazing how much dignity that you lose while trying to get these photo’s. Looking on instagram I just don’t get how people managed to do it so perfectly!

After taking some lovely photo’s we had a wonder around town looking for souvenirs that weren’t too expensive. I must say that I am really really good at bartering, we managed to get 3 key-rings for 3 euros! 

After all that walking around we was extremely knackered and hungry so off we went to find a good local restaurant away from the tourist area as that is where it is really expensive. We found a lovely quiet restaurant called San Domenico I had the most amazing pasta, it was basically pasta with tomato and basil sauce. If you are ever in Pisa make sure you find this place! We met a lovely Japanese couple who were extremely taken with the fact that we were British. We had a lovely talk with them about what they do and their holiday. 

IMG_2799[1]After this lovely meal we slowly made out way back to the station taking us back to Lucca. Once in Lucca we went to a lovely bar called Gelatomania for Ice Cream, as we all well know that Italy has the best Ice cream.

I hope you enjoyed my post about Pisa, please keep an eye out for Part 3.

Leigh xo


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