Day 3| My trip to Florence

Last instalment to my trip. On the last full day in beautiful Italy we all made a trip to Florence. Without any mishaps we got on the train at 10:00am to Florence. The train journey took a total of 2 hours.

Once we arrived in Florence train station, can I just say the station is massive, there is actually a mall in the station. Walking through the station I spotted straight away Sephora. I squealed as soon as I saw it and ran straight for it. However I didn’t buy anything straight away as I wanted to have a look around the rest of Florence before I went on a make-up spending spree.

Now can I just say that if you have ever been to Florence before then you will know that it is massive and I mean massive. We made our way to the town centre, where we went inside the cathedral of Florence. It was such a big place well of course it is! 

As you can see from the pictures it is such a beautiful place.  We were able to light a candle and make a wish, that’s such a lovely sentimental thing to do. I mean just look at the painting on the ceiling it was huge, not only that it makes you wonder how someone was even able to paint that that high up without killing themselves. It was such a peaceful place, you definitely have to go there if you are ever visiting Florence.


I know I’ve mentioned it before, but can I just say that they are hot on the security in Italy! I mean look at that, is that not scary or what? They were around every tourist place we went to, those guns are huge!! It makes you realise how relaxed we are in Britain.

We did a lot of shopping and walking around in the rain. If you have ever been to Italy you know that Italy is well know for it’s fashion. We went into designer shops such as Dior, Prada, Michael Kors, Gucci, I mean the list goes on. I was seriously considering robbing a bank or something like that.

However praise the Lord I managed to find these two beauties! I mean look at them they are beautiful. Walking into them was like walking into a sweet shop, I was in heaven. However I was soon to be very very disappointed in Sephora so I didn’t buy anything in there at all, I will do a little post later to explain why. However KIKO on the other hand, I loved it. I had been meaning to order from KIKO for a while so when I saw the shop I just jumped at the chance to get something.


As you can see below I got a mat fluid cream and a lip scrub. I will be doing reviews on them soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

I really enjoyed my trip to Italy, I would definitely go back again most likely to visit Milan. Do you guys have any cities that you recommend visiting?

Leigh xo


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