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Feeling insecure….

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So the other day I went into Primark picking up loads of clothes to try on for my holiday next weekend. I had never felt so disgusted with my body. Trying clothes after clothes on just looking in the mirror I could see so many things wrong with my body. I kept saying to my self, my bum was too big, my thighs too fat, my arms look disgusting. I ended up putting all the clothes back and only buying one dress and a black top!

Can you believe that I’ve got myself thinking about my body like that, when I should feel more confident in myself but I just can’t! For this to come on all of a sudden is the strangest thing ever because up until that very point, I had never ever really though I was really insecure about myself! Not only that but there are so many more important things to worry about, then what I think about my body!

Leigh xo


7 thoughts on “Feeling insecure….

  1. I completely understand how you feel… I do this weekly! And my boyfriends says but oh that looked nice and I will forever be putting all the items back because I hate the way they look even though someone else is telling me they look fine!

    Sometimes you have to just see past all these things and try to focus on the positive points of your body! I know this is hard because I have terrible anxiety myself… But sometimes looking at your positives will usually weigh out the negatives…. and you may see yourself in a different light!

    Sometimes its also the lighting in the changing room… this will highlight parts of your body you might not see in your room or natural day light! So don’t put yourself down too much! Keep your head up and be body confident xxxx

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      1. Your welcome! I know exactly how it feels & because primark clothes are made quite cheaply and quickly… Sometimes the sizing isn’t perfect. So its not always your body its actually the piece of clothing! Stay happy don’t let some silly primark clothes knock your confidence xxxx

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