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Metal matte|Kylie Lipkit 


You don’t have to be a lover of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, however you’ve got to give it to Kylie, her lip-kits are brilliant. I mean they are most definitely my go to lip products. With 9 shades of matte lip-kits and 3 gloss she has taken the world by storm it’s all any beauty/Youtuber talks about.

So on 15th April everyone on social media went crazy when Kylie released her Metal mates King K, Heir and Reign. As soon as I saw the swatches I was hypnotised I just had to get them, I got the three bundle on the first release.

Can I just applaud the new queuing system that Kylie Cosmetics have now. So when you go to the checkout you have to wait in the queuing system till other people finish. I feel like this is a lot quicker and I managed to check out within 4 minutes.

As you can see from the pictures the image on the left is without the flash and the image on the right is with the flash. I mean look beautiful they look.Please excuse my chipped nail varnish. 

Let’s talk packaging. So the metal’s are in the same packaging as the gloss. With the dripping metallic effect at the top. Kylie’s signature is on the front of the box like all the others. They don’t come with lip liners which I’m definitely a bit unhappy about.

Heir: is the lightest of the three, it is described on the website as pinkish gold. I feel like it leans more towards the pink side, not only that but I find it very sheer looking. This shade is the closest to a nude that you will ever get in this collection. It’s a simple colour that is perfect for everyday wear.

King K: Which is named after Kylie herself. On the website it is described as a soft metallic gold, this is the truest description. It is quite light on my skin tone. King K is highly pigmented and can most definitely be worn on its own.

Reign: is described on her website as Bronzy Copper Metallic. I feel like that is true but I feel like it also has purple, red undertones maybe. This the shade that I was 100% confident in as I love wearing dark shades.

The formula of these metals are more creamy and not as runny as the mattes are. They feel extremely mositersing and soft on the lips. When I found out that they weren’t going to be sold with lip Liners like the mattes are I was a little bit disappointed as they do help to get that precise line. However it isn’t totally bad as you are still able to apply them with care, taking your time without worry that they are going to dry to quickly.

One thing that I must say I was disappointed in was that Heir come half filled, it looked like there was hardly anything in there. When I sent customer service an email explaining this their response was that they are meant to be half filled as to avoid them spilling out. Now considering we pay a lot for this product you expect them to be filled to the top? This is the only fault I have in these products.

I was surprised that they weren’t as metallic as I thought they were going to be, however I actually preferred them like that, they are more shimmering. Another thing that I noticed with these products is that they don’t dry down completely matte as the matte lip-kits do. They take around 5 minutes to completely dry, which I find isn’t a massive issue. If you have the matte lip kits then one thing you will notice about the metals is that they transfer quite a bit. However not so much that is wears the product of your lips.

These metals last me all day with only having to touch them up a little bit after lunch. Another bonus is that reapply doesn’t make it go lump, you don’t have any crumbly bits in your mouth. I absolutely love these and I would 100% recommend them to anyone.

Have you seen the new shade that Kylie has shown everyone? It is called  Majesty which is a black metallic with blue undertones. I don’t know about you guys but I am 100% getting this shade when it releases.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the new Metals!

Leigh xo


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