Ibiza| Fun in the sun!


So as many of you might be aware, I went to Ibiza a couple of weeks ago, for a entire week! WHOOP WHOOP, I just couldn’t contain my excitement even till today!! So after being back I’ve decided to write a blog post all about my time in Ibiza.

BV and I had an afternoon flight so after having an early start to the day Saturday, doing some last minute shopping, we made out way to  London Stansted airport. We go our self’s an alcoholic drink at Weatherspoons as well as some chips to fuel us for the rest of the afternoon.

That is some big glass!! 
We boarded the flight around 4pm. Some how even though we checked in together we never managed to get seats together. So I was sat at the back with a family, what fun that was. We arrived at Ibiza airport at maybe 18:00pm.

The most entertaining bit about our journey to the hotel in was that I didn’t have my seat belt on so when the driver stopped the car I literally fell onto a guys lap that was sitting in the seat in front of me! How embarrassing I might as well have sat on his lap. Our hotel was centred in San Antionio, which is pretty much where everything is based, our hotel wasn’t the greatest hotel. However we was hardly there so we don’t see it as a massive lose. Now I’m not going to lie after eating food at the hotel BV and I feel straight to sleep. Crazy right first night in Ibiza and I’m asleep by 9:00pm. 

Day 1: 

 Our first full day in we were both up as early as 8:00am downstairs eating breakfast. By the time we had finished our breakfast we were walking to San Antionio beach, which I must say wasn’t a great beach at all. So we decided to look for a better one instead. So we walked to the nearest information desk, thank our luck it was right on the beach. They kindly informed us that Cala Bassa was one of the best beaches. Right they were, the sand was soft and white, the water was as clear as anything that you could see your feet. There was a message place on the beach as well as a lovely restaurant, and loads and loads of sun beds! What else can you ask for?  From San Antionio it was around a 20 minute drive costing about 20 euros, but it was most definitely worth every single penny. We left the beach at around 6, arriving at our hotel shortly after to have dinner and get ready  for out night out.

West End strip! What can I say about that, it is literally a strip of bars and a couple of clubs in San Anationio. It is extremely cheap down there, you can get two drinks, two shots as well as a sex on the beach for 12 euros which isn’t that bad. Let me just say now that the shots were Sambuca!! So after two rounds of these we were certainly worse for wear to say the least. We danced all night till 4pm, BV met a Italy man so they spent some time talking.

Day 2: 


Waking up on the second day with a hang over in such heat is the worst. The heat just hits you on in the worst way. However we were up and ready to roll with another another day in Ibiza. We spent the day on San Antionio beach! We had a walk along the sea front looking at all the beach bars and having a look at Ocean Beach, as we went there on Friday! From the outside looking in ocean beach looked amazing!

Can I just say how annnoooyyyin it is getting approached by people on the beach when you are sun bathing, trying to sell you bears, cold drinks, sunglasses, hats etc. I mean don’t get me wrong it’s nice to be able to get a drink on the beach without having to move but it’s annoying when they are all coming up to you every 5 minutes! After spending the whole day sunbathing we made our way back to our hotel to get to go out again.

We got ready to go see the sun set at a place called Cafe Mumbo, it is literally just a beach with loads of bars and of course Cafe Mumbo. There was so many good looking guys out even the police officers. I’m not going to lie I was ready to get myself arrested they were that good looking.

After watching the sun set which was such an amazing thing we made our way back to the West End. Now walking past a bar we got stopped by someone that was working there and he also stopped to German guys that were behind us. He somehow managed to sell us drinks and get us sitting at a table with the both of them. One was called LC and one was called F. We all just hit it off really well and they had us laughing the whole time. I really liked LC and we spent most of the night together just talking about random stuff and it was really amazing. He was just so handsome and charming, he just had the perfect smile. However BV met her Italian friend out as well, which was a crazy coincidence! However it meant that F was feeling a bit left out which I don’t know why he should so they both went home. LC and I both exchanged numbers and promised that we would text when we were both home.

It was so bloody amazing!

Now Ive just realised how long this post is getting so I’m going to have to do another part. So keep your eyes peeled!

Leigh xo


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