Ibiza| Fun in the sun Part 2

Day 3:-

On Tuesday after meeting LC ( we exchanged numbers thankfully), we went to a beach called Cala Gracio. It is around 20 minutes away from San Antonio, BV and I got the bus to the beach, you can pretty much get the bus anywhere in Ibiza. So don’t just stay in one place guys its cheap!! It was a lovely beautiful beach, all of the waters are really really clear in Ibiza. You could see all the fish swimming around. Cala Gracio has one main beach,  then if you walk on the cliffs around the corner there then is a more secluded beach that isn’t too crowded.

It has a lovely restaurant, for the life of me I can remember what it was called or what the food that I had was called but ooooommmg it was amazing!


The whole time I was there I was texting LC, he just seemed like a lovely genuine guy. He kept trying to get me to come to his beach but there was just no point because it was a bit late in the day. Around 6 after sunbathing all day and nearly dying from the heat and hangover we left the beach to go back to our hotel.

We got dinner as soon as we were back in the hotel and got ready to go out. We went to Space, which is a night club just outside of San Antonio, we go the bus there. We got 2 for 1 drinks in a few bars.

After a few hours drinking outside in some of the bars we went into space at 1pm. After like an hour in the club, we both go a little bit bored. The drinks are extremely over priced, I don’t how they get away with charging the prices that they do in the big clubs. If you have ever been to Ibiza then you will know what I’m talking about. We made our way back to the West end where we met up with BV Italian friend and had a drink a few drinks. BV is 100% fascinated by him, however there is definitely a little language barrier between them.

Day 4:

After strangling in the morning we got ready to go to Cala Tarida, this really was a lovely beach, I mean they all were really nice. However one of the reasons for the visit was to see LC. BV and I had breakfast on the beach before meeting them because we were obviously really hungover at the time and I needed some substance before I saw the guy I really liked. OMG he is just beautiful, his body is just perfection!

We all picked a nice spot to sunbath. We both laid on the sand together, while BV and F talked. LC and I talked about our childhood, his football and family. We both told each things that we wouldn’t tell anyone else. We had such a strong connection, that it was so unreal. Both of us took a walk along the sand talking about the future. There wasn’t one time that he didn’t make me laugh or smile. LC made me feel so happy and giddy. I just such an amazing time with him. Time passes by so quickly that we didn’t even pay any attention and before you knew it it was 8pm. I hated saying good bye, we both promised that we would see each other again.

One of my friends happened to be in Ibiza at the same time, BV and I got ready and made our way over to my friend BE’s hotel. BE was with her friend H, we all drank in the hotel together and just had a catch up/ got to know each other. Eventually we went out to the west end as BE and H have never been their before. All of us had such a laugh, as well as getting majorly drunk that BE couldn’t handle it. Later she informed me that it was the worst she had ever been, it just amazed me because we drank the same amount but we was so used to it lol. Alcoholics or what? After they went some BV’s Italian friend decided he wanted to meet us for a drink we talked to him for a while before we went home. Not I’m not going to lie it was hard talking to him was he wasn’t very good at English!

Day 5: 

The next day we went over to see how BE was doing after our night out. You guys are going laugh so badly at this, BE told us that she was that drunk she poured a whole bottle of water on herself while in bed. Her sheets were completely socked. Now I laughed so hard at that I couldn’t breath.

We spend the morning on the beach before going on a boat party. It was called cream fields boat party, it meant that we could go to Amnesia afterwards! Omg it was amazzzzing! Before we went BV was really worried about going on the boat she thought that it was going to be really cramped and we wouldn’t be able to move! After reassuring her several times and persuading her when finally got on the boat at 6! It was the best decision ever, we had so much fun dancing, seeing the sun set! Also I didn’t really want to go on the boat either because I was feeling really sick and just hungover. However I had a sambuca shot and managed to get on with it.  Not only that but we met so many different and amazing people! That is something that I would recommend to anyone thinking of going to Ibiza!

IMG_3444[1]The whole of the top floor was packed with people with amazing songs playing, the bottom floor where the bar was. There was also seating so that when you needed a break from the dancing. At 9pm the boat made its way back to the San Antonio dock. Both of us then made our way back to the hotel for dinner and a quick power nap.

At 12pm we got a bus to the Amnesia club, which was 20 minutes away from the hotel. Amnesia club is massive, I’m pretty sure that it is one of the biggest clubs in Ibiza. The club had two separate rooms with different types of music playing, one room had a number of DJ’s playing, as well as lasers flashing all the time. I hadn’t taken any drugs but I feel like how I was feeling was probably what it is like to be on drugs. It was amazing we met two lovely America’s but we had to ditch them eventually as they wouldn’t leave us alone. At around 4pm we decided that we had enough of the music and to make our way back to our hotel. I would recommend that if you are going to go to a big club that you drink before had as the drinks are ridiculously expensive, also make sure that you never ever accept anything from anyone as you don’t know what they could have put in the drinks.

Day 6: 

Our last day in Ibiza!! I woke up bright and early, LC and I had been texting, he stated that he would come to the ocean beach club with me as it was my last day and he wanted to spend time with me. So after breakfast and we had finished getting ready I got his ticket. We then made our way to met BE and H, where we sunbathed in their hotel for a few hours. LC texted to say that he had arrived at San Antonio. We all walked to meet him, making our way to Ocean beach club. LC and I walking behind so that we could talk and get to know each other more.

Once we were all in the club we had to find somewhere to put our things as we didn’t get a sun bed because they were either booked out or too expensive. However we all had a laugh together enjoyed the sun and the pool. Even though everyone there was really stuck up. After a couple of hours we all decided to go as we had got tickets to the Ushuaia hotel.

LC and I went for a drink at a bar along the sea front we talked and he made me laugh and smile. LC promise that he would come and see me in London when he got back home to Switzerland, to be honest I didn’t really believe him. However I hoped he would because I really liked him  and he made me happy. LC was even cute enough to walk me back to my hotel, we kissed for ages and hugged, we both didn’t want to leave each other! I mean how weird is that.

After he had left, I made my way back to my hotel to get ready before we made our way to Ushuaia where we was going to see Will and Tinie Tempha. H had trouble getting into the hotel as they wanted to see his ID but he didn’t have it. I think that they just wouldn’t let him in because he was a boy, I mean how bloody stupid is that! So while he looked for a photo of it on his phone, BV and I decided to go in. Not long after they made their way in, however after paying a lot of money, Will was unable to make it due to the “weather”. Tinie was bloody amazing though, I loved every minute of it!!! I mean one guy even snapchat my eyes because he said that they were lovely, I mean the things people do when they are drunk!

Day 6:

It was time to leave, honest to god I was sad to leave, I actually cried a little bit! More to fact that I didn’t want to leave LC, I had met a lovely guy that seems genuine and absolutely lovely! To be honest I really wanted to stay a couple of days with him, as long as I didn’t get in trouble with my job. Not only that I just didn’t believe that I would see him again and that was the saddest thing of all. LC promised that he would come and see me, stating that he never broke his promises, that he really liked me so I just had to hope for the best!!

Guys thank you for reading my post, I’m sorry that it has been late, I’ve just not been with it lately! I hope you gave enjoyed reading about my trip!! I know that enjoyed it and it was the best experience of my life. I’ve got loads more posts and they will be coming!!

Leigh xox


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