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He didn’t break his promise!!

So if you have read my previous post about my trip to Ibiza you’ll know that back in the beginning of July I met a lovely, genuine guy. So a bit of background about him he is from Germany his parents currently live there. He is a little bit Spanish. LC plays football for a living and currently lives in Switzerland.

Once I got back from holiday I never expected LC to ever come and see me even though that is what he promised in fact I never expected him to carry on texting me. However we carried on talking, until one day he started asking what the best airport in London to land in was. Now me being curious obviously asking why, but I said it was London City Airport. Now he wouldn’t tell me what he was planning until he had already done it. Then a few hours later he text me a photo of his ticket to come to London on the 2nd July, these was a few weeks after we just come back from holiday. I mean when I saw this my heart was in my throat! I couldn’t believe it, like I just didn’t think it was real. He could only come down for a day or so because he had training on Monday so he had to be back in Switzerland then.

It wasn’t until I actually saw him, that I truly believed he was coming to see me. His flight was on Saturday, I drove to London City airport, which is 1 hour and half away from Canterbury. I sat in a cafe drinking a tea waiting for him. When he came out of the arrivals gate and walked passed me I just sat there looking at him for a moment hardly believing he was here before I chased after him. Of course we cuddled and kissed, then he gave me some Swiss chocolate he said it was the chocolate that he got when he arrived in Switerland from the club, its that just the cutest thing ever?!

We made our way to my car, where we drove to our hotel, which funny enough was only 5 minutes away but it took us 20 minutes to get there!! If you have ever driven in London before you will know that it is hard to navigate. After checking in/ kissing and nearly jumping his bones we made our way to Westminster.

We walked around Westminster then decided to go to Tower hill as there was a demonstration of some sorts going on. After LC had finished laughing at me for asking if the Big Ben was the Big ben, I mean I was just confirming that it was. We both decided to go to the London Aquarium, it was just amazing seeing all the different animals and walking around hand in hand with LC! We sat on a bench for a while just talking and I remember two people across from us taking pictures by a pole and he called it a shield, seriously for a full on 20 minutes I just had a laughing fit. I couldn’t stop, every time he would say it it would just start me up again!

After we went to a lovely Italian restaurant on the front, he is just such a gentleman I couldn’t ask for anyone else. He told me about his football career and what he wanted to do after he retired from football. He is only 20 at the moment so he has a long way to go. He asked what I wanted to do in the future etc. We even got to see the tower bridge go up, that was pretty cool as I’ve never seen that happen before and neither had he!!

As some of you may be aware it was the Euro’s, so on Saturday it was Germany v Italy and of course he told me that he had to watch it, which I understood. After phoning the hotel we was staying at and asking if they were going to be playing the game. They informed us that they would, so we found a Weatherspoons that was playing the game! Finding a spot where we could watch the game, we got ready for the three hour game that it turned out to be! I mean this was the first ever full game of football that I’ve watched and omg I’m never ever going to watch a football game that bloody long in my life! It was ridiculous all I wanted to do was get into bed with my man and just cuddle. Ok ok not just that but you get what I mean I wanted to spend time with him. 

After the game we made our way back to the hotel, we both got ready for bed. I had a little nervous moment, where I had to text my friends asking what to wear to bed! I know don’t laugh, but when you are with someone that you really really like you want him to think you are hot? Am I right or not? 

Anyway I went with just wearing underwear to bed and that didn’t last long anyway. Both of us cuddled and kissed each other, after a day of kissing each other we both couldn’t resist. I mean I’ve enjoyed sex as much as I have until LC, that’s crazy right.

The next morning we woke up we had sex twice, I know what you guys are thinking Leigh seriously three times. He was just amazing his body is well muscled and well his D is just something else. He is amazing in every way. Afterwards I felt pretty insecure about myself wondering if he was going to be different, you girls can surely relate to me? However of course he wasn’t he was the same as before. Of course I was still teasing him while he was getting ready, then he said I hate you as a joke, I said no you don’t. You’ll never guess what LC said, he said no I don’t I love you!! I mean I couldn’t believe it, I thought he was joking so I didn’t say anything and LC didn’t say anything more either.

We got ready got breakfast as it was our last day together, then we went to tower Bridge once more. LC wanted to into the Tower of London as he had never been in their before. We both learnt so much, and it was just brilliant to find out these facts together. Before going into one of the castle’s we had a talk, he told me straight that he really like me but this long distance was going to be hard, that there was going to be times when we couldn’t see each other for a few months but he was still willing to do this. Of course I agreed because he is amazing and I couldn’t think of anyone else I would like to do it with.

We back to our hotel were we went for a walk along the docklands front and he told me that he loved me. I didn’t think he was being serious but he said he was, he told me that he had never felt this way about anyone before. Honest to god this made me cry how can one man feel this way about someone so quickly, it was hard for me to believe because I just don’t think that I’m meant to be happy! Anyway I know how he feels because I feel actually the same way he does.

I know what you’ll thinking right now, how can you both feel so strongly about someone so quickly. All I can say is I honestly don’t know, but saying good by to him at the airport while crying. Walking away from him my heart hurt, I hurt, I felt like I couldn’t breath. Now I don’t know whether its love or not but I feel strongly about him and I don’t know how I’m going to do this but I really really want to!! At the same time I also worried that once he was home he would be different with me, I know it’s stupid because he wouldn’t he isn’t that type of person. I also doubted that he was true and that I would ever see him again, because that’s the type of person I am. I doubt whether people are true, honest and just real.

Do you guys believe in Love at first sight? Is there such a thing? Let me know in the comments below what you think about this? I would love to get your advice and opinions!

Leigh xox


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