So if you have read my previous posts lately you’ll know that I met someone called LC. Writing this is making me cry, I will explain in my next post! 

I booked a flight to go and see LC in Switzerland. I flew out on the 14th to Zurich airport, where he had someone called Pete pick me up. Unfortunately LC training in football so he couldn’t pick me up. The airport was huge like massive, apparently it isn’t bigger then Gatwick but it definitely looks bigger. Anyway Pete took me straight to LC apartment, he couldn’t speak English that well so the conversation left a lot to be desired. He walked me into his apartment and showed me around, it was he had an open plan kitchen and front room, one bedroom and two bathroom/utility room as well as a office room. It was so modern everything you could hope to have at that age.

Pete left me with the key to the apartment, not that I was going to go anywhere, since I didn’t know Switzerland that well. On the table, LC had brought me a beautiful white rose and on the table was a letter that he had written. LC explained that by the time I was there he would be working, told me that he had made me dinner. My favourite salmon and pasta. As well as a fruit plate. He also told me about the TV etc. It was just the cutest thing ever as most people wouldn’t have even though of that at all.

So while waiting for him I put a film on I must have fallen asleep on the sofa, as when I came to he was sitting on the edge of the sofa looking at me. It was just amazing to see him I literally felt like I was home. Of course we kissed, we ate some of the fruit together. Must have been about 9ish so we both got ready for bed.

I’m not going to bore you with our bedroom antics, it’s not just about the sex we both couldn’t stop kissing each other neither could we keep our hands off each other. We pretty much had sex every single day at the most 3 times a day. Omg he was really really good in bed! On night he had the window up and I was on top of him,  we was just about to do it and a top barked right past the window. No word of a lie I jumped of him scared the hell out of me and LC had a laughing fit for full on 10 minutes or so.

Every day LC made me breakfast, lunch and dinner. He had training most days but it was only in the afternoon for a couple of hours so it wasn’t too terrible so I either sat and watched TV or went for a walk.

He took me too the lake, there was me thinking it was going to be a small secluded lake no it was huge and open. We both had an ice cream each and had a walk around, I threw water at him and he promised he would get me back. Boy oh boy did he get me back lol. Another day he took me to an outside swimming pool which was really nice we literally sunbathed most of the day. The other days we chilled watched a film together. On our last day he took me out to a nice restaurant, I had a carbonara and he had pizza. We talked about the future, me coming up to see him again. He told me that he loved me, but that he didn’t want to be in a relationship with me but we basically were in a relationship! To me that didn’t make any sense what so ever. However he said that we was on our way to being in one but he just wanted to take it slow just so he could get used to it.

Saturday was the day that I flew back home it was really really sad as I didn’t want to leave him, he could tell that I was really upset. We kissed loads promised each other that we would see each other again, not going to lie I wish I hadn’t but I cried in front of him, I just could’t help it, I hated leaving him!

I’ve never felt so love, special like I actually meant something to him. It was all just so romantic something out of a fairytale.

Leigh xo


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