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Kiko Milano|Mat Fluid

  Some of you might know from reading about my trip to Italy|Lucca, I found my first KIKO Milano store. I was so pleased to see the store because it wasn’t until a few days before the trip that I was looking on the Kiko website. Up until a few weeks ago I didn’t even know that their was a store in the UK. Crazy right!!

I really like the simple lilac outer packaging which houses the 50ml bottle of product. The bottle is even simpler which I really like. The writing on the bottle is pink, stating that it is a moisturising & matifying fluid. The product is housed in a clear bottle so that you can see how much product you have left. You can easily dispense the product with the little pump dispenser , this is so much easier as you can control how much product you want to come out. Meaning that you aren’t wasting product, which is always a pet peeve of mine.

The KIKO Milano Mat Fluid is white and creamy in consistency, it is also fairly lightweight. It isn’t too heavy on the skin, it soaks in within minutes of application. The scent is very freshening, isn’t too strong of a smell. It is designed for combination and oily skin, it removes excess oil from your skin while giving you a matt finish! I apply it twice a day, just before I start doing my make-up using it as a moisturiser, it makes me feel very refreshed. I find that after putting my makeup on I don’t have a shiny look!  I also apply it of the night once I have taken all of my makeup off.
I love the matifying fluid and I will definitely repurchase! It is a lovely lightweight moisturiser which completely takes away any shine from the face whilst leaving it ready for make-up. Im pretty sure I paid £5.70 however I’m not totally sure as I purchased it in Italy. It is definitely a worthy a purchase it has lasted me two months, I’ve still got a few more pumps left in. Meaning that I will be needing a new one fairly soon. I am most definitely going to be trying out more of their skin care products!!

Leigh xo


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