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Eat your heart out….


Last Saturday I went on another date with BW as some of you may be aware. I was reluctant to go. We arranged that I get to his house for 2:30pm. BW and I waited for his mum to take us to the train station. Meanwhile sat on his bed with him, I really couldnt think of anything worse then spending a night with him.

BW brought us return tickets to London. The train journey took about 2hrs, the whole journey he spent his time holding my leg, cuddling me etc. I tried to be as distant as I could but I already knew it wasn’t going to work.

We finally got to our hotel for 4:30pm, we stayed at the Hilton Angel Islington. The hotel was amazing, service was brilliant which is to be expected for a hotel where you are paying over £100. The hotel room was lovely, had a nice double bed with white sheets, TV, shower room. I mean the shower room was to die for!

BW and I stayed in the hotel room for half an hour, the whole time we was sat on the bed he spent the time pulling me in for a cuddle and kissing me. Every time he kissed me, I felt like I couldn’t wait for him to stop.

After getting ready, we made our way to Tower Bridge. Why do you ask? Well we went to a lovely resturant called Gaucho Tower Bridge, it is literally next to the Tower bridge. The restaurant is stunning two floors, the atmosphere is a little bit dark which does set the tone. Our table was on the top floor, overlooking the Tower Bridge, it was stunning specially with the Bridge alight. The service was impeccable, the staff were really friendly, attentive.


I had Beef Empanadas for starter, they were the best thing that I’ve ever tasted, I had never tasted them before so it was nice to try something different.


For main I had a Rump steak, with mash potato chives and spinach, garlic and lemon. The steak was massive, I really struggled to finish all of the meal.

img_2881 For desert we shared a chocolate mouse, with hazelnuts and strawberries.

After we finished our meal we made our way back towards the area of our hotel. I avoided holding his hand at all times. We stopped at a near by pub for a drink. BW talked about the previous girls he had been talking to, how he had lent a girl money and she stopped talking to him. That shows alone that he is far too generous. BW asked if I was talking to anyone else, if I would carry on talking to other people. Which to be honest is far too soon to be asking a question like that.

At the hotel, we changed into bed clothes. I generally felt really uncomfortable being in bed with him, he really couldn’t kiss properly or he could but I just didn’t get the wow factor. He kept trying to cuddle me. Ok so I am aware that I probably sound like a bitch, trust me I’m not. He really was kissing/cuddling way too much, I mean you know those guys right? especially when you really don’t like them that much.

After kissing for a while he went down on me, to be fair that was quite good, however he demanded that I return the favour.  When I stopped because I didn’t want to do it anymore, he told me that I had to carry on, to “finish him off’. Obviously I didn’t tell him how I felt about that I just got up and went to the bathroom to clean myself up. I mean I know I should I said something but I can never bring myself to say horrible not even horrible just crappy things like that. Shortly after I went to sleep, with him just awkwardly cuddling/laying on me.

The following morning was just as bad, again he still wouldn’t stop, even after I told him that I wasn’t an affection person. The train journey was even more terrible then on the way up, having to wait for his mum to pick us up for the station to drive us back to his house when all I wanted to do was run and hide somewhere. Once we arrive, I awkwardly kissed and hugged him and made a hasty exit.

Overall I generally had a wonderful experience the hotel was lovely, the restaurant was stunning. However one thing that I have learnt is definitely ensure that you have a few small dates before doing a long date to make sure that you get to know them enough, that you actually like them. Another thing that I am learning is to be honest with people, I am always too scared to tell them how I really feel as I had making people feel bad, but also the though of letting people down. Stupid right?

Leigh xo


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