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Freedom Brush Bath & Pro Cleanse Brush Tool|Review


Im sure you don’t need me to tell you how important it is to clean your brushes regularly. If you aren’t then you could unnecessarily be wiping more bacteria on to your face. Well here’s the amazing thing well until 6 months ago, I didn’t know how fundamental this was, after all cleaner brushes mean a better application. I had never really cleaned my brushes before. I can hear you all gasping in shock. Terrible right. 

Therefore a few months ago I purchased the Freedom Studio Brush bath. The packaging of this product is in a big white tub, it has the brand and product name on the lid in black bold writing. Its fair to say that the packaging is pretty simple. However sometimes it’s not all about the packaging. The formula is a sold white consistency which reminds me of candle wax, without the melting of the product. The smell of Brush Bath is another story, it smells so nice, it’s hard to describe the scent of it. It’s definitely not a scent that rubs you up the wrong way, I could smell this product all day. Freedom Studio Brush bath costs £7 and can be brought online or at your nearest Superdrug.

I also picked up the Makeup Revolution Pro Cleanse Brush Tool. The product is purple with long ridges and a group of short ridges. It house a hole at the bottom where you can stick two fingers into the cleanse brush to hold while cleaning. It is a fairly simple and easy product to use. It costs £5, which can be brought online or at Superdrug.


To use these products, all I had to do was wet my brushes and swirl them around in the pot till the brush was coved in product. I then used the cleanse brush tool making sure that it was secured on my  fingers on one hand. I then swirled the brush around on the cleansing tool till it started to foam with makeup product. Then running under water until the water ran clear. I was amazed at how quickly it took to clean my brushes. Not only that but it is amazing to use to clean your beauty blenders, all you have to do it went your sponge rub all around in the tub and then hold under water until the sponge has soaked up the water. Once you’ve done that then of course you squeeze the water out. Repeating this process a few times till your sponge looks like it’s original self again.

Over all I think both products are amazing, especially the brush bath. There is a lot of product in the tub which will last a good year. This product is 100% worth purchasing it is super affordable, simple and easy to use. not only that it only cost £7, not a fortune like some cleaning products.

The cleanse brush tool is definitely a product I recommend buying, as it is super easy to use. However I don’t think at £5 it is a must have item, you can always use your palm. However if you don’t want to do that then you can always pop to Primark they have basically the same product but a few pounds cheaper. Some times it helps to shop around to save yourself some money.

Let me know what you think of these products. Are they for you?

 Leigh xo 


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