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The dramas of living with housemates 


So January has been a really weird month. Living with my housemates has been a little tense. So I live in a house with TB and M, they are both a couple and they own the house. Up until recently things have been ok shall we say. However things took a dramatic turn a couple of weeks ago. A turn that I don’t think either of us can come back from.

On a Thursday evening TB had been in a really weird mood. I listened to a 2 second snapchat and TB was like put these headphones in. My response to him was “you do it all the time” as a joke. He go off the sofa stormed out of the room with the tea I made, chucked it down the sink and stormed up the stairs. All you could hear was him crashing around. Then he came down stairs and turned the TV over and started playing his shitting rock music while I’m in-between making dinner. Anyway my phone is going off, I’m getting texts and Im giggling. Next thing he goes “do you wanna put that on silent”, not really a question more of a demand, I literally just said “no”. Out of no where he is calling me rude, saying that I’m horrible. Then he starts SCREAMING in my face literally an inc from me saying I’m ugly, a troll, why does he want a troll like me living in his house. No wonder you have no one around you. Saying I’m evil. He was literally screaming all of this in my face pointing his fingers in my face. He even kept pushing me out the room, then at one point he wouldn’t let me leave. He then proceeded to scream telling me to get out the house, that he wants me out that night. Baring in mind I have no where to go! Even though I was shouting at him as well saying he is a dickhead nothing like what he was doing to me. Ive never been so scared of someone in my life. I was literally shaking, I even put something against my bedroom door just incase he came in and started screaming at me.

After he stormed out of the house M came up to me to apologise for his behave, saying that he didn’t really mean it. It was because he isn’t working at the moment and that he is a bit like  Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Since then we haven’t spoken a word to each other what so ever. He hasn’t even apologised to me! Until Friday when he text me, but it was him just saying that he was going away for 6 months and that he apologies. I don’t know it just felt like a feel sorry for me text. I wasn’t having it, anyway I text back how I felt about the whole thing. TB started giving me shit again saying that I’m a nasty person, I’m deluded.

Since then we still haven’t spoken what so ever, when I get in from work, I make my dinner get changed and go to my room. I just can’t be bothered with any shit. Not only that I don’t have any respect for him at all! So I just can’t sit with someone like that who can’t even be a man and just apologise to my face! I would have respected him even more if he apologised straight after the original argument because he would have know that he messed up completely!!

What are your thoughts on this situation?

Leigh xo


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