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KOKO K Fantastic…..


Lets me honest I’ve had KOKO K for monnnnnthhsss. It was one of the second ones I ordered and let me tell you now I’ve got tonnes. Reading this your are probably thinking Not another one-eye roll. So yes it is another one I’m sorry and yes there will be a few more posts. Honest to god I absolutely love her cosmetic line, that’s the truth! Lets get straight to it then….


The packaging on this product is eye catching and brilliant. I love the box that it gets posted in, it has the white drips on the front of the box. Some of you will know that the box design was recently changed just because everyone knew what the boxes were so some peoples products were going missing. Packaging of the lip kit it’s self is iconic! I love the fact it has Kylie’s lips on the front with the drips. The liquid lipstick has drips going down the tube with Kylie signature on the tube. The lip liner also Kylie’s signature in silver writing.

The lip Kit comes with a lovely small soft doe foot applicator, which makes it so easy to apply. I find that some liquid lips come with big applicators which can make the application messy. The Lip Liner so extremely smooth to apply, it is slightly darker then the liquid lip stick. You won’t need to sharper the liner that much, in fact I rarely use the liner.

The forumla is extremely thin compared to most liquid lips. You only need to apply one coat to the lips and it is extremely pigmented. The lipsticks drys down completely matte which I love because there is nothing I hate more then when a liquid lipstick doesn’t dry down completely and ends up smudging which is bloody annoying. It has a very dusty feel to it, it almost doesn’t feel like there is anything on your lips.


The colour of KOKO K is a very light dusty pink, well on my skin tone it does appear to look a little darker then on most skin tones. I love the shade it doesn’t apply streaky or patchy. It lasts most of the day, it will however fade a little bit after lunch or dinner. The most amazing thing about this shade being pink is that you can’t really notice the lipstick fading massively. Another plus for me has to be the fact that if you need to reply is doesn’t go lumpy or crumbly on the lips and feel horrible. As some lipsticks when applying a second coat have terrible fall out onto your chin or around your lips.

Overall this shade gets a thumps up for me. All around this shade is perfect for all skin times, it has the perfect application and longevity! Doesn’t have a terrible fade to it like some do! The price of the lip kit is £23 and postage is £10 roughly. Which looking at it isn’t massively expensive at all. However you will have to face that you might be the unlikely one and get charged customs but that is just something you will just have to face and take unfortunately. I definitely recommend that you get this shade if you haven’t already!

Let me know your thoughts!

Leigh xo


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