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New Year New Me 2017

new-year-new-meSo I have been absent from blogging for a while, which I would like to apologies for. I just lost the motivation to just sit in front of the computer and put in the work. I am also aware that maybe this should have been done at the beginning of January, however I never do things the right way. Why should things be done in a certain way? As you  would have seen from my previous my year has already been an eventual one.

Moving onto more positive things. I would like to say that I  don’t make new year’s resolutions because for me they don’t necessarily work. However for me the statement “new year new me” really does apply. I started my new job right at the beginning of January, for a new lettings agency! Which is a lot bigger, plenty more room for me to grow, more so then my previous company. At the start alone I already felt like they appreciated me, wanted me to work for their company. They have already shown that they are willing to put the work in and teach me the right way to do things.

Since working for them I’ve already learnt so much more than I would have before. I’ve done viewings left right and center which I absolutely love. Not only that but you meet so many different people, helping them find their perfect home. I can already feel like my confidence is growing slowly but surely every single day. This is helping me not to doubt myself as much, I’m fully there as of yet. At first I was nervous as hell, especially when doing door knocks. However I’m starting get over that dread.

My thoughts on this year are that I am going to be focusing on doing really well in my new job, hopefully making it higher up the ladder, just really succeeding. This could take months or a few years but it is something that I am really going to put the effort. As I have never enjoyed working for a company as much as I have this last month.

More over I am excited to say that me and my best friend BV have decided to save for a mortgage this year. Which I am extremely happy about, just not having to reply on anyone ever again, be able to have my own safety net.  We are aiming to save £6000 by next January. Which we hope to do as long as we are strict with ourselves. This is going to be especially hard for me because I just can’t help myself when it comes to buying new makeup products. So if anyone has any tips on money saving etc? That would be helpful. If anyone has any tips on getting your credit rating up please comment. 

Lastly I’m also going to make more of an effort with my blog, because I have seriously been slacking! I want to aim to post at least twice a week, once being the minimum! I think that’s a fair target for me! Not only that but I also want to try and schedule posts maybe even do post in advance.

Lastly I want to focus on getting my confidence up because I have a lot of self doubt. I want to try and not focus on the negatives, the nasty things that people have to say!

These are my aims for 2017, thank you for reading! Let me know your thoughts!

Leigh xo


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