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Three’s a crowd|Kylie Cosmetics

So you would have seen my previous posts on my Kylie Cosmetics reviews. The three lip kits that I am showing you today are Kourt K, Candy K and Dolce K.

By now you should all know what the packaging is like and you will all know that I think it is amazing. The smell of the lip kit are amazing, they smell like cupcakes.

Kourt K is probably my least used lip kit of all. I love the colour, its a a deep purple vampy colour. The formula is thin in consistency. However the Lip Kit apply really patchy, from the picture you can see how patchy it looks. When you apply a second coat it get a little bit crumbly. when you are eating food you get crumbly bits of lipstick around your lipstick. The annoying thing about it is that you have to spend to must time reapplying carefully and sorting out the edges! You definitely need to wear the lip pencil underneath, however it doesn’t really make much of a difference. However I will say it is a mission to get off, I literally had to really scrub it off

Candy K has to be the most wearable shade in the whole range. It is so pigmented. I absolutely love wearing this shade. This is my most worn shade, in fact it has basically run out. Candy K is described as a pink nude shade. It apply’s perfectly, without looking patchy. If you need to reapply that isn’t a problem like Kourt K. It lasts all day, without a second coat to be honest. For me this shade definitely looks more on the pink side.

Dolce K is the perfect cool toned nude. This shade is another one that is my top most used colours. It is so pigmented and smooth when applied. I don’t have any trouble with it apply patchy, you can apply a second coat without it crumbling or feeling terrible. I whole heartily recommend this shade, if you are looking for the perfect everyday nude then Dolce K is it!

Over all I do love all of the colours. The only shade that I’m not 100% keen on is Kourt K,  however I still wear it just not as much as the others. Candy K and Dolce K apply perfectly, extremely pigmented.

Let me know your thoughts on these lip kits!

Leigh xo




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