No Sex and it doesn’t bother me……

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The last time that I had sex was back in July with LC who I really loved. Some of you might be thinking fuck I couldn’t go that long. However for me it really doesn’t bother me at all, its weird isn’t it? 

Sex for me personally is like a special act. I only want to have sex with someone that really really means something to me, someone that I love. Now for some of you, you probably don’t even understand what I’m talking about. You also might be thinking what a weirdo, just maybe I am.

Don’t get me wrong I probably could have had sex way before. However having sex with someone that I don’t really know or quite frankly like doesn’t interest me because it doesn’t mean anything its just sex. Sex with someone that you really like or love is something special and means more than anything. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been on Tinder and bumble, but that just doesn’t interest me anymore. These guys pretend that they are on these sites to me lovely people and go on dates but really they just want their next fuck. They aren’t interested in getting to know someone, maybe they are but as long as it gets them to their end game. That just doesn’t interest me, I don’t want to be the next number on someone’s list and frankly nor do I want an STI.

That’s why I’m waiting for that right person to come along whether it’s in a years time or 5 years, because if they like you for who you are then they will wait as long as they have to, if they don’t then they aren’t the right person for you.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Leigh xo


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