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Kylie Cosmetics Review|Part 5


Welcome Welcome to Part 5 of the Kylie Cosmetics review. I did say that there was going to be tones more of reviews.


As you can see from the picture I brought Mary Jo, 22 and Posie K. They all come with lip liners, which are extremely smooth and don’t drag on your lips. I love all three colours but if I had to pick one that to wear every day it would be Posie K.


 Posie K is describe on her website a cool mid tone berry. Excuse the no makeup and crappy application. I think on me it looks like a mauve pink colour. I wear this all the time, in fact I’m on my second tube now. With the standard doe foot applicator, apply this lipstick is easy. It doesn’t apply streaky or patchy. Its not drying on the lips, and doesn’t feel clumpy on the lips when you apply a second coat which is a plus for me.

Next up we have 22! I absolutely love this colour. It’s so easy to wear everyday, it’s not a neon colour. On the website it’s describe as a vibrant burnt orange, I wouldn’t say that it’s vibrant however it definitely is a burnt orange more darker looking on me. This shade is one of the good ones as well, easy to apply, doesn’t become flakey or streaking.


Mary Jo is described as a True Blue Red, one me it looks more of a pinky red. What a classic colour, perfect for any day of the week. I wear this all the time, to work, day trips and nights out. I find this shade applies perfectly like all the rest. The one bad thing I must say is that recently Ive noticed that it has flaked a little bit at the corners and onto my chin which is really annoying.


These shades all get a 9/10, they all apply perfectly without any problems. The doe foot applicator makes it so much easier to apply. The only annoying thing is that the lip liners run out before the liquid lipsticks that’s why I’ve started applying it without the liner much to my success. Even without the liners they apply beautiful and they last just as long.

Leigh xo


3 thoughts on “Kylie Cosmetics Review|Part 5

  1. Ok so first of all, you’re absolutely stunning!! And second, how on earth do all 3 shades look great on you?! I could pull of one at a push 😂 Loved he post chick, all about that Kylie J x
    Clo x

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