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Kylie Cosmetics Review|Part 6


So as I’m writing this, it has just passed valentines day. Thank god for that, if I have do see another post or anything on social media about it I’m going to cry. Overdramatic I know, but try being single for nearly a year. 


Anyway onto more……. you guested it Kylie Lip Kit reviews. Im sorry I know you are probably going to hate me. As you can see from the picture I ordered Exposed, Dead of Knight and Kymajesty.


 Kymajesty is described as a blackened gunmetal sprinkled with silver and multi-colored glitter on top. Now there has been some issues that the formula for this product isn’t great. I have to agree/disagree, yes it does apply sheer/streaky, which is rather disappointing to say the least because a metallic lipstick costing $18 dollars should be full pigmented on the first swipe. It doesnt dry down fully matte that the only negative for me. I mean it drys a little bit however it has more of a moisturising feel to it. However when applied with Dead of Knight lip liner it applies beautiful, the blue really shines through. I mostly use over the top of the Dead of Knight lipsticks! I must say though you definitely do have to reapply more then the other lip kits once eating.


Dead of Knight is described as is an intense true black. This lip kit is extremely pigmented, it doesn’t streak like the Kymajesty does. Another benefit is that it is long lasting, you might have to touch up a little bit after an oily lunch but nothing to major. On the plus it doesn’t  become crumbly or have little bits around your month like Mary Jo did. Dead of knight dries fully matte which I LOVE! I think it looks great on me, but then I’ve never been one to say about what people think. If I like it then that’s all that matters. I wear it all the time, to work and going on nights out and I love it.

Exposed is described as a warm mid tone beige.  Sorry about the photo and my bad skin. As you can see from the photo the shade is definitely a lovely warm beige nude. This has to be one of my favourite shades. Exposed apply’s so creamy, I feel like more so then others do. The best thing about this shade is not only is the formula great but it also don’t apply streaky, drys done after 3 minutes. If you need to apply another layer later on in the day, it layers perfectly.

Which one of those if your favourite shade? Would you dare to wear such a bold colour as Dead of Knight? Let me know your thoughts….

Leigh xo


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