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Jeffrey Star Cosmetics Review


You guessed it, this is a Jeffree Star Cosemtics review. I’ve had these products for a while now and I love them. So without further or do I will get on with the review.

The  velour liquid lipstick come in a acrylic tube with a hot pink lid. The writing on the tube is in rose gold with star details around the top of the tube. The packaging stands out so much, if you see one of these liquid lipsticks you instantly know its from Jeffree star.

The applicator itself I think isn’t that bad. Product doesn’t get clogged up on the wand, it is a perfect size and shape for my lips. It’s a similar shape to a large tear drop compared to other wands which are much smaller. It’s also very soft which means it allows the product to glide on comfortably.

Abused from the tube looks like it would be more of a purple shade. However when applying it’s definitely clear that it is navy blue. Abused is a dark navy shade with purple  undertones. As you can imagine with this being such a dark shade it is fairly time consuming to apply  without messing up. Not only that but you have to apply at least two shades as it does show a little bit patchy. One thing that I am pleased about this shade is that it doesn’t flake and not only that but it lasts most of the day expect with oily foods of course.

Celebrity Skin is described as soft brown with peachy undertones, which is a perfect description. It is so pigmented, covers the lips with one swipe. I don’t find it patchy at all, it lasts at least 5 hours or more. It feels so lightweight and drys completely matte within seconds of applying.

Peach Goddess is the perfect highlighter, the perfect peachy pink shade with warm undertones. The packaging is a barbie pink in thick, solid plastic compact, with a good quality mirror. The texture of the product is creamy, buttery powder feeling.  Peach Goddess is super pigmented you only need a very light hand, well that is deepening on how you want your highlight. I find that it works perfectly well as a blush topper.

Overall I love these products. I would rate these a 9/10.  The lipsticks are long lasting, they don’t fade or flake terribly. If you are wanting to put another layer on, it doesn’t go clumpy. The only bad thing about the lipsticks are the smell. They smell like chemicals, it really just isn’t nice. However I will say that it doesn’t last long at all, its gone within a few seconds. Peach goddess is the perfect everyday and night highlighter. I would say the compacts are completely unbreakable because I dropped mine from a height and it broke. Lucky I managed to save it, although I would say if you are travelling with it be really really careful.


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